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  • Swadista DIP Kashaya

    Swadista Dip Kashaya (Herbal Drink) Sachets – 10s (Org. Brown Sugar)


    Swadista Dip Kashaya (Herbal Drink) Sachets – 10s (Organic Brown Sugar Sachets included)

    Elevate your well-being with SLN Swadista Dip Kashaya Sachets. Experience traditional Ayurvedic goodness in a modern, convenient format. Boost immunity, aid digestion, and find relaxation with every sip. Just dip, sip, and rejuvenate – anywhere, anytime.

  • SLN Swadista Kashaya Powder

    Swadista Kashaya Powder 100 Gms


    Kashaya powder is usually made from a blend of slow-roasted spices, herbs and roots and each ingredient used in the making has immense health benefits. However, there are few special ingredients that are generally used in Kashaya like Hippali, Jestamadhu, Ashwagandha etc which may not be easily available around the world.

    Once you have Swadist Kashaya powder handy, making this soothing kashaya is super easy . One can have it as it is, with just boiling in water and adding a tinge of sweetness or add a splash of hot milk to the concoction and make it more tasty.