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Authentic South Karnataka Flavours: Swadista Puliyogare Powder 100gm

Experience the true essence of South Karnataka with Swadista Puliyogare Powder. This tangy and flavoursome tamarind-based sauce is a must-have for all rice enthusiasts.

Swadista Puliyogare Powder is a delightful blend of traditional spices and carefully selected ingredients. It is expertly crafted to bring out the authentic taste of South Karnataka’s famous Puliyogare dish. Every spoonful of this delectable Powder delivers a burst of tangy flavours that perfectly complement steamed rice.

Made with passion and attention to detail, Swadista Puliyogare Powder is created using the finest tamarind pulp, aromatic spices, and a secret recipe passed down through generations. It adds a zesty and vibrant touch to your meals, elevating the overall dining experience.

With its convenient 100GM packaging, Swadista Puliyogare Powder is perfect for both individual use and gifting purposes. Simply mix it with freshly cooked rice, and let the rich flavours transport you to the heart of South Karnataka.

Embrace the culinary heritage of South Karnataka with Swadista Puliyogare Powder. Add this flavourful companion to your pantry and savour the essence of authentic Puliyogare in every bite.

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